Official documents in connection with Ö 12191-22
       2021-Oct-28 Letter from Lewiatan (Poland)              
       2022-Dec-21 Enforcement letter from Swedish Court        Log Book        Extension to Feb 20
       2023-Jan-12 Early Response to Swedish Court        Emails describing their response       
       2023-Feb-13 Report of crimes to Swedish police        Material        Decision
       2023-Feb-20 Response to Swedish Court        Material        Settlement Offer
       2023-Mar-30 Letter to Polish Embassy        Material        Follow-up email of 2023-04-19
       2023-Apr-21 Response from Villa Europa        Material       
       2023-Apr-24 Request to Swedish Police for reconsideration        Response of 2023-May-08        Answer of 2023-Jun-01, Letter from 2023-May-24
       2023-May-11 Response from Swedish Court        Material        Apostille, 2023-May-22
       2023-May-25 Final opinion to the Swedish Court        Costs, Log Book        Rebuttal from Sienicki, Validation Statement of Arbitrator

Catanzaro, M.: 2023, ``Costly invite? Scientists hit with massive bills after speaking at COVID-19 webinars,'' Science 381, 258-259 (DOI, PDF)

Expertos en covid-19, en una trampa kafkiana (elPeriodico, 24 September 2023), by M. Catanzaro.

       2023-Jul-28 Regarding move of Court to Ukraine        Material       
       Response from VE of August 3, 2023        Material       
       Response of September 18, 2023        Material       

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